Related Projects

TrSSCom (Trustworthy Service Selction and Composition)
The TrSSCom project is aimed to develop a comprehensive framework for design,select and compose trustworthy distributed systems from existing software services using principles of trust models, subjective logic, multi-level specifications and matching, theory of evidence, and continuous testing. Unlike prevalent approaches that focus on one view or a specific application domain, this research is developing a generic model for trust that considers the internal and external views, an associated formalism, and its application to distributed systems.

UniFrame (Framework for Seamless Integration of Heterogeneous Distributed Components)
The UniFrame Approach (UA) provides a framework that allows an interoperation of heterogeneous and distributed software components and incorporates the following key concepts: a) a meta-component model (the Unified Meta Model - UMM), b) an integration of QoS at the individual component and distributed system levels, c) the validation and assurance of QoS, based on the concept of event grammars, and e) generative rules, along with their formal specifications, for assembling an ensemble of components out of available choices.