Trustworthy Software Service Selection and Composition Project

The TrSSCom project is aimed to develop a comprehensive framework for design, select and compose trustworthy distributed systems from existing software services using principles of trust models, subjective logic, multi-level specifications and matching, theory of evidence, and continuous testing.Unlike prevalent approaches that focus on one view or a specific application domain, this research is developing a generic model for trust that considers the internal and external views, an associated formalism, and its application to distributed systems.

This project is sponsored in part by,

  • S2ERC (Security and Software Engineering Research Center - An NSF Industry/University cooperative)
  • The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)

Mission : To develop principles and an associated framework that will enable the creation of trustworthy Distributed Real-time and Embedded (DRE) Systems.
Trust is the expectation that a device will behave in a particular manner for a specific purpose. (Trusted Computing Group)
In this research, a "device" is a software service and its trust can be defined as the conformance of its functional and non-functional behavior with respect to its specification.